J Dyson DSA ADI (car

Hi Dave Thank you so much for getting me through Part 3. Having previously Trained with a local company for Parts 1 and 2, which cost me a considerable amount of time and money, I was feeling totally demoralised and confused. When I began practicing role play for Part 3 with my former trainer, I […]

P Litton DSA ADI (Car)

Many thanks to Dave Hartley and the rest of the team for getting me through the Part 3. It was all or nothing as I was on my third strike, with pink badge running out and no backup career plans. I did some research and found that Dave Hartley came highly recommended, so gave him […]

I Nelson DSA ADI (car)

after the training i received locally in Aberdeen i failed my ADI Part 3 test twice with scores that were bad to say the least and getting worse, a 2/3 on my first then 2/2 on my second. I then contacted Dave Hartley … who was happy to help out, even over the phone out […]