Steven Fraser

Steven Fraser2”There are few things I have been more nervous about than travelling down from Scotland to hull for Harry Elkans 2 day recovery course. but I’m glad I did. I can honestly say that without making that extra effort I wouldnt have got the missing info I needed to pass pt 3”.
I really felt like turning round & going home at one point on the way down if i’m honest, Understandable to feel nervous as it had been a year since I stared this process of trying to become a driving instructor which I had underestimated & i felt that all my time & considerable effort & money could potentially be in vain if this didnt work. It was my last chance. After flying through my theory & pt 2. I took my 1st shot at pt 3 without much thought & I was never going to pass it looking back. I was completely unprepared. It gave me an idea of what was required though & 3 ADI instructors later & alot of hassle I had finally found a good local instructor that would be reliable & got all my book & Briefings sorted. Time for another go at pt3 this time prepared but alas, no joy. My confidence knocked a bit but I couldnt disagree with the examiners reasons for failing me. Yet I felt unsure at how to improve & correct the mistakes I had made. I felt like some important ingredient was missing. Not theory, not Briefings, not driving skill. But something the examiner wanted to see. Maybe I thought its cos I had never been on the pink badge. I went home one day after another lesson & felt I wasnt getting anthing really different from what had taken me so far but not all the way. No real clear answers as to how to achieve that next level required for pt 3.
I needed to do something. So i went to a website I had found useful while organising my Briefings to examine anything I might have missed & saw by chance that they did a 2 day recovery course for pt 3 hopefuls. Interested I read further. Word for word it was how I felt that day it even spoke about the pink badges pros & cons. I knew the person behind this website must know what I needed to know as he was describing exactly how I felt right now. So I booked a 2 day course.

Even after just speaking to Harry Elkan on the phone I got answers to questions I had been asking for for ages. I felt positive for the 1st time in a while. I liked what this guy had to say. I knew I needed to go on this course.
I did a bit feel a bit unsure as I had never seen Harry, but I trusted what I read & heard & made the long trip down from Scotland to Hull.

On the morning of day 1, I knew I had come to the right place & my nervous apprehension evaporated. Harry had me understanding the pt 3 fail sheet I brought along for a start which I can truly say I hadnt really understood till that point.

I won’t say it wasn’t extremely hard work over the 2 days. Because it was. He made me work for answers. Question things I took for granted, but the time flew by. I was totally engrossed & uplifted by the fact I was learning the skills I knew were missing. At one point for a minute or 2 on the 1st afternoon I felt a bit daunted at the fact I had wasted so much time back home when I should have been practicing like this for months but I put that to the back of my mind & pressed on. When day 2 was over I knew I had alot more to do but I didnt feel worried because Harry gave me the foundation skills to practice. But I had them! It had clicked! Thats what I came for.

Practice I did, back home in my car & When I sat My 3rd attempt at pt 3 was a totally different experience. Yes the examiner made things very difficult, & yes it was a little stressful at times BUT this time I had the tools to use to sort out whatever he threw at me. I knew what he was looking for & this time I passed. I now have my Green badge. I never did get the pink.
Steven Fraser2