Hugh Daly

Hugh - IrelandHugh Daly – Worcester
After having a small amount of initial training locally, for the Part 3 test I became a little disillusioned with what was actually required to pass Part 3 and almost knocked the idea of becoming an ADI on the head. Then I discovered Harry! I hadn’t a huge amount of time left to complete Part 3 before the 2 years were up, so the pressure was on and only had about enough time to train and get 2 tests in at the most! Having had a couple of conversations over the phone with Harry, I felt very comfortable that he knew what he was talking about and just seemed to come at things from a completely different angle, giving a much clearer understanding of what the actual Part 3 test was about. The training sessions that I received from Harry were worth every penny, as was the 370 mile round trips from Worcester to Hull for training. Harry genuinely understands the Part 3 Test itself, which is the crucial peice of the jigsaw that seems to be missing from any of the training that I’ve come across out there for Part 3. Before I started with Harry I was so confused as to what the SE was really looking for, It just seemed like a minefield, but with Harry’s intimate knowledge of Part 3 and his tried and tested formulas and methodology, things became so much clearer. Harry has an excellent ability to explain something and simplify it. Anyway, Thanks to Harry’s training, I passed the Part 3 exam and look forward to now getting my life back and working as an ADI – In case you’re wondering……I got a 4/4