Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Our no quibble refund policy is your guarantee of excellent serviceIf you’ve already paid out a lot of money in your training to become an Approved Driving Instructor, the last thing you need is to spend more, only to receive the same standard of training . . .

. . . we want you to be entirely delighted with our service and the standard of our training, and we have the confidence to make you a promise . . .

Within the first two hours of any of our courses, if you are not entirely satisfied with your trainer, the training, or anything else at all, we will refund your training fees in full

Our refund policy is your guarantee of excellent service, and a measure of the confidence that we have in assisting you to success.

There are no catches, no gimmicks, and no false promises . . . you get exactly what we say. Nothing less

We want you to be completely delighted with our service and the standard of our trainingWe have every intention of making your training enjoyable, relaxed, friendly and as stress free as we possibly can. We want you to concentrate on success, not worry about getting the training you’ve paid for

Please note that for obvious reasons this refund policy does not include your non refundable deposit which secures your place on our courses

This is our promise to you:

General refund policy

No trainee has ever opted for this refund, and we have no intention of changing that!

ADIT Team.