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Imagine Your Own Personal Trainer To Guide You Through

Part 3 Training Courses - achieve your new career with the help of your personal ADIT trainer. Your personal trainer has sat in on Part 3 tests and knows just what it takes to pass Part 3

It’s common for Part 3 trainees to tell us that they learned more in 2 days with ADIT than they did from all of their previous Part 3 training

Just call now, or use the contact form, and a specialist Part 3 trainer will get back to you as soon as possible.

We know exactly what you need to do to pass Part 3 . . .and we can help to pass those skills on to you!

All you need to do is contact us now to safeguard your place on a highly effective course that could literally change your life . . .

Have you had specific, targeted training in the use of the Core Competencies? Are you absolutely certain of the Level Of Instruction you’ll need to display in the Part 3 test? Do you know the full range of skills you need to Control the lesson and your ‘learner’?

A standard 2 day recovery course with ADIT could be all you need to get that green card .. . so call now to reserve your place, or simply complete the form above

From 2 – 2 to 6 – 5 in one easy step . . . a real life success story!

I Nelson, DVSA ADI (Car)
, had a 2 – 3 on his first attempt at Part 3. He worked hard on all the skill areas his trainer told him were so important, and he booked a second attempt . . .. . . the result was a 2 – 2

Feeling dejected and uncertain of exactly what was needed for Part 3 success, he made one crucial discovery . . . the specialist training team at ADIT

The easy step he took was to contact the ADIT team for help, and he never looked back . . .

With a sensational 6 – 5 on his third attempt at Part 3, he was able to get on with the rest of his life and concentrate on his new career. He attended the 2 day initial recovery course and discovered the value of excellent quality training. After taking additional training with the ADIT team to make sure that he felt confident, he passed his 3rd and final attempt at Part 3 at the Hull DVSA test centre

Trainer Harry Elkan 07805 243864

Just imagine how you’d feel, to pass Part 3 with the help of an
experienced trainer behind you, every step of the way . . .