ADI Part 3

ADI Part 3 Course

Part 3 training with the highly skilled ADIT teamOn your Part 3 course you have the full attention of a highly qualified, experienced ADI trainer, and you can be sure that you’ll receive the highest quality Part 3 training you’ll find anywhere

Your course will be structured to give you the full range of sub skills that the SE needs to see you display, and you will be fully prepared for the test

You will have full training in the Core Competencies and how to apply them in any situation . . . how to match your level of instruction to the needs of your learner . . . you’ll learn the skills of planning and Control . . . and you’ll discover practical, no nonsense advice you’ll find invaluable when you take your Part 3 test

We firmly believe that the ‘traditional’ method of aimlessly repeating the pre set tests over and over again, then ending the session with the trainer handing the trainee a list of what went wrong is not the way to train instructors. Each and every session should be structured. New skills should be built on firm foundations. Even the skill of role play should be developed as a required subject

We have Trained many people who had experienced training elsewhere before coming to us for help. It’s very common indeed for those trainees to be delighted at the way our training is delivered

Your trainer has sat in on Part 3 tests and understands the examiners requirements . . . more importantly, your trainer is fully qualified in giving you the training you need for success

How will you feel when you qualify?ADI Part 3 is usually the subject of dread, confusion and even fear among trainees. Yet Part 3 is very straightforward, and with effective training there is no reason at all for you not to attend the Part 3 test ready for success

You can achieve a remarkably high standard when your training is personally structured. You can have the complete attention of your trainer when you discover the benefits of ADIT training

We work with you, to remove any barriers to your learning and development. Because our training is structured towards your success, you get a level of attention you’ll find hard to beat

Our success is your success

Please remember to call us first to arrange your course dates

Remember also that the courses displayed are only samples of what we can provide. We specialise in personally tailoring training to suit you. We’ll arrange a course for you when you call

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