ADI Part 2 Course

ADI Part 2 Course

Part 2 training packageYou will discover that our ADI part 2 course is without question the very best available anywhere

We are firmly committed to providing superb quality ADI part 2 courses, because part 2 is one of the key routes to success at Part 3. Ineffective or insufficient training at part 2 is a common factor with trainees having difficulties with Part 3 . . .

Our training covers the full DVSA syllabus in depth, plus much, much more. These courses are carefully designed and structured to be a firm foundation for the work to come at Part 3

We have had many previous trainees who were simply amazed at the quality of our training and the content of our courses. After experiencing a training session with us, you will no doubt understand why!

Your part 2 training sessions need to be structured and planned, with clearly set aims and objectives. The very common practice of ‘going for a drive’ with a trainer is completely unacceptable. The aims of each lesson should be to build on previous skills, and pave the way for new ones

All along, your training should build the skills that you can take forward into your Part 3 work and beyond . . .

Our course will do just this. You will have a thorough grounding in every manoeuvre and every part of the syllabus. You will be more than prepared for the part 2 test and the your future training for Part 3. You’ll find that the skills you learn on our part 2 course will be of extreme value to you at Part 3

For details, see our training courses page. If you have particular personal requirements, call us to discuss how we can help you. We’ll be able to arrange a course to suit you

I’ve placed links to the most informative and relevant books to help you with your part 2 studies below. These books will be invaluable to you throughout your training and after you qualify