ADI Part 1 Course

ADI Part 1 Course

We have a policy of compete honesty with trainees, which is why we have no hesitation in recommending that you train for the ADI part 1 test yourself.

Thousands of trainees have managed to pass the part 1 test ‘under their own steam’.

You will choose which way you want to do things. Our advice is to obtain the Focus CD Rom’s to practice the HPT and simulated theory tests, and the DVSA ‘s official guide to the Theory test so that you can study the theory required. Also, obtain the DVSA’s official ADI question bank

The official question bank has every question you could be asked, along with the correct answers. Using the question bank, along with the Dash driving matrix, allows you to record your progress and concentrate on the areas you may find difficult.

Always allow yourself plenty of time for your studies. Don’t book your part 1 test until you feel that you are completely ready.

We feel that the majority of trainees should have little trouble preparing for part 1this way, at a total cost of around £25 to £30.