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Using The Slipping Point Helps Maintain Control

Why Use The Slipping Point?

When we looked at the The Turn In The Road exercise we saw that the pupil will need to be taught how to use the “slipping point” to control the speed of the car. The slipping point is used to keep the car’s speed lower than it would normally be when the clutch is at […]

Part 3 test pupil can learn quickly

The Part 3 Test Pupil Will Learn Quickly

I suppose I should qualify the page title to read “The Part 3 Test Pupil Will Learn Quickly – SOMETIMES”, because sometimes the Part 3 test pupil’s rate of learning will be frustratingly slow! It’s a simple fact that one of the things the SE will be considering when they’re marking your ADI Part 3 […]

Mind Your Language

Never Say Never

I was reminded the other day of how important good use of language is when you’re delivering driving instruction and it’s particularly important when you’re taking an ADI Part 3 test. The thing that reminded me was overhearing someone say “I would never do something like that”; what “that” was is not important and it’s […]

The SE's word picture

The Word Picture In Phase 2

It’s even more important to listen carefully to the “word picture” in Phase 2 than it is in Phase 1! In Phase 1 it’s easy to establish the stage of learning of the pupil and exactly what we’ll be teaching; we know for all the subjects that our pupil will be driving away from the […]

In car Oct 2010 007

Instruction whilst parked

It’s easy to become confused about the Part 3 test – there’s so much contradictory advice if you choose to go looking for it and even when the advice comes “straight from the horses’ mouth” it can be difficult to interpret what’s being said accurately. I was reminded about this recently in an email from […]


Bite v Slipping Point

Bite v slipping point The S.E’s. at the Hull MPTC have recently begun choosing a site for the TIR exercise that I wasn’t familiar with and what was experienced by my Part 3 test student may assist you with your planning for your test. When we arrived at the site the instructor decided that other […]

Hazard Perception

Be an Instructor – not a Passenger!

The Driving Standards Agency are in the process of updating the hazard perception test and the new clips (or at least some of them) will be computer generated. Peter Weddell-Hall, DVSA’s head of e-assessment, says: “The clips are early prototypes. DVSA aims to bring these computer-generated clips into the theory test by the end of […]

4 times more likely

Why is it so difficult?

I came across this picture recently which many of you will have seen before – it reminded me of why the ADI Part 3 test is normally a very difficult process for test candidates and I thought I’d use it as an example to demonstrate why this is so. The picture is a very clever […]

Pt 1 theory

Mind Your Wallet

I was doing some “tidying up” on the site recently and when I checked some information to see if it was still current I came across some advertising for training materials for the ADI Part 1 test that reminded me how easy it is to waste money in your enthusiasm to get access to the […]