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When the world is spinning out of control - get off

When The World Spins

I’ve talked elsewhere about deciding when to pull over to the side of the road to deliver your instruction in the Phase 2 exercises, and as a general rule the more instruction we can deliver “on the move” the better. In some subjects the driving environment simply isn’t suitable for pulling over, but I still […]

Driving Too Fast

How The ADI Part 3 Test Pupil Will Drive

On the ADI Part 3 test in the Phase 2 exercise the SE will role play either an experienced driver or a learner who is at or near to test standard – but what does this mean and what can you expect when the lesson gets under way?[private_registered] Firstly let me remind you that the […]

Nearside To Nearside

Hold Back For Control

You will, at some time encounter a situation where two vehicles are and intending to turn right at a Crossroads junction at the same time. It’s something that confuses many experienced drivers (let alone Learners) and you’ll need to be prepared to help your pupil deal with it. It’s also a situation where the S.E. […]

Take The Next Junction On The Right

I’ve sat in on several Part 3 tests where the candidate has allowed themselves to lose focus on the subject and as a consequence the driving environment has played a part and made the instructors’ task more difficult than it might be; and Approaching junctions is certainly one subject area that it is prone to […]

Bay Parking

Bay Parking

Bay Parking isn’t one of the PSTs that you’ll be teaching on your Part 3 test of course but I’ve included an item concerning it because it’s a good illustration that “the subject doesn’t matter” it’s the principles of instruction that are the most important thing we have to understand and be able to apply. […]

Bullseye Mirrors

Bullseye Mirrors

For us, as experienced drivers there isn’t really much need to be able to see the kerb on our left as we perform manoeuvres such as a Reverse Left, we just “do it” without needing a conscious awareness of our position. But many of us will have found it uncomfortable to simply “do it” on […]

Do It With Your Eyes Closed!

I can still remember learning about The Reverse Round Corner exercise when I was preparing for my Part 3 test and I learned one thing in particular that taught me a very valuable lesson about instruction although I didn’t realise it until years later when I was learning about training others to become driving instructors.[private-registered] […]

Different Types Of Corner

Reverse Round Corner – Start Position

The “correct” starting position for the reverse left is something that often prompts discussion amongst Part 3 students. Like many other aspects of driving there are no rules about exactly where to begin the manoeuvre because it will vary depending on the exact situation, the advice given in Driving The Essential Skills says “Stop your […]