Potential Earnings

How Much Will You Make As An Instructor?

You can decide how much or how little you work. Your earnings are only restricted by the hours you choose to do!We are often asked about the potential earnings for driving instructors. Clearly, this is not an easy question to answer, but your potential earnings depend only on one thing – you

You can decide how many hours you will work and you can decide what you’ll charge based on current local prices for your area. Throughout the UK lesson prices vary from £16 up to approximately £25. You will be able to work out a guide to your income based on the lesson price, how much work you want to do and your car expenses

Typically, an instructor charging £20 per hour and teaching for only 30 hrs per week will earn £2,400 per month. That’s an income of £28,800 per year. An instructor charging £18 per lesson and working for only 20 hrs per week would earn £1440 per month. That’s an income of £17,280 per year

You will need to deduct petrol and car running costs, business expenses and any other costs that you decide to incur, but as you’ll realise, the way you run your business is your business

The choices are all yours. You’re the boss – you decide!

There are large National instructor training organisations who claim that you can potentially earn £50,000 per year. We can’t say that their claims are false, but we’d ask you to consider the reality of the situation. To earn that amount of money would mean a tremendous number of hours work per week. You don’t need to have a degree in math’s to work it out. Think about it . . . if an average lesson is £20 per hour, how many hours of lessons would you need to do to earn £50,000?

You’d have to have an average of 48 lessons per week to earn £50,000. But please don’t make the mistake of thinking that 48 lessons equates to 48 hours work. It equates to a lot more than that. You have to travel between learners, unless you adopt the very dubious practice of ‘piggy backing’, where you collect your next learner before dropping off your present one. You also need a break during your day. And when would you have the time to prepare any Lesson Plans, handouts or visual aids?

A much more realistic target is to have approximately 30 pupils, giving you the time to prepare and to give good instruction. With 30 pupils, your average net earnings could be £30,000. An excellent income by any standards

What is clear about this industry is that there are huge numbers of people in the UK who want to learn to drive. The task of teaching a learner from scratch is immense, which is why your training as an instructor needs to be thorough – it’s also why it is highly unlikely that a parent will be able to teach their child to driving test standard

The amount of work for a qualified instructor is limited only by your own efforts in building your business and your reputation. Instructors with a good reputation are always in demand!

That’s why we are committed to training people to be good instructors. We don’t want you to simply pass a test, we want you to develop into a highly competent instructor with a good reputation for instruction and quality of service. If you are prepared to put in that little extra work and effort to build a solid and reliable reputation in your chosen area, you’ll find that your reputation will spread and your business will grow

ADIT team