Examination Process

So, how do you become an Instructor?

The ADI examination processTo qualify as an Approved Driving Instructor you have to pass a three-part examination, with each part taken on a separate occasion. Part one is a combined theory and hazard perception test. Part two is a test of your driving ability. Part three is a test of your instructional ability

Part one is taken at your local theory testing centre. You’ll normally find on the day of your test that the testing centre will be busy with learner drivers undergoing their own theory tests, and you may even find people from other industries, such as health and safety representatives, undergoing tests similar to yourself.

Part two and part three are each assessed by a senior DVSA examiner, known as an SE ADI. For these tests you have to present yourself at your chosen DVSA testing centre, where you will be met by your examiner.

You will need to ensure that you can provide a vehicle of the required standard for the test, and prior to taking your part 2 test, the examiner will ask you to undertake an eyesight test. This normally entails the SE ADI indicating to a nearby vehicle and asking you to read the registration plate.

We would advise you to ensure that you are capable of passing the eyesight test before presenting yourself to the SE ADI

From the date of passing your part 1 theory test you have two years in which to qualify. Failure to qualify in this time period means that you have to start the process all over again. Normally, you can expect qualify within six to twelve months, depending upon examination waiting lists.

There can be significant waiting times for ADI tests and being able to study full time will not significantly reduce this period. Part time study and training is not a hindrance or barrier to your success