ADI Glossary of commonly used Driving Instructor terms

ADI Glossary of commonly used terms

Like any subject area, the world of driving instruction and instructor training has become full of colourful abbreviations, acronyms and specialist terms

From ‘ADI’ to ‘pup’ to ‘LADA’. It can get a bit confusing

We thought it might be helpful to you to explain some of the more common ones here. Hope it helps

No doubt you’ll come across many others that don’t appear here. Why not call us? we’ll include any we feel are relevant

Common Driving Instructor terms
Jargon: Meaning:
SE Supervising Examiner – the person who decides on your
ADI Approved Driving Instructor
DGE Dual Grade Examiner – an examiner who tests learners as well as PDI’s
DVSA Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Dual’s common term for the dual foot Controls
Fault error – as in ‘driver error’ recorded on a driving test
HPT Hazard Perception Test – the scourge of part 1!
IAM Institute of Advanced Motorists
I-PSGA Advanced hazard routine: information – position – speed – gear –
LADA Look, Assess, Decide, Act – term used to remember the final sequence
at a hazard
RLC (or rlc) left reverse corner – a driving manoeuvre
MOAS move off and stop
MSM Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre – the hazard routine
MS-PSL Full version of msm. mirror-signal-position-speed-look
PDI Potential Driving Instructor
POM Prepare – Observe – move, routine used to move off from the side
of the road
PST pre set test
PUP derogatory term for pupil
ROADA ROSPA Advanced Drivers Association
ROSPA Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
RRC right reverse corner – a driving manoeuvre
TC Test Centre
TIR Turn In The Road – modern term for ‘3 point turn’
Trainee PDI – trainee driving instructor
SCALP Safe, Convenient And Legal Place