Part 3 Foundation

Part 2 is the foundation for Part 3 success

Part 2 skills will build your success at Part 3We cannot stress how vitally important good, well structured, part 2 training is in your work towards becoming an ADI

Part 2 is the foundations upon which your Part 3 skills are built

Think about it . . . it is remarkably common for trainees, who are at the Part 3 stage, to have to learn the ‘ins and outs’ of all of the manoeuvres so that they can then attempt to teach them to the SE. Students become obsessed with the pre-set tests, usually to the exclusion of the really important Sub Skills that prepare and equip them to become good instructors

Yet the pre set tests should be of no concern at all at the Part 3 stage. Why? Because they should have been taught and practiced thoroughly during your part 2 training. Before attempting part 2 you should know everything that is required inside out, and have the basics of the knowledge that you need to pass on at Part 3

By the time you pass part 2, you should have a very good detailed knowledge of every single driving procedure in the learner driver syllabus

At Part 3 you should not be learning how to do a Turn In The Road properly, because you should have learned it already prior to part 2. The very sad fact is that we commonly find that many Part 3 difficulties are directly attributable to poor or ineffective part 2 training

At Part 3 you should be learning how to teach, not how to do

The pass rates for the part 2 test of driving ability are currently hovering at around 44%. Not a very encouraging figure

Without any doubt, one of the main reasons for this is the ‘traditional’ route to qualification. By this, we mean getting through part 1 alone, which is perfectly acceptable, then taking as little training as possible for part 2 in the hope of getting through as cheaply and as quickly as possible

Unfortunately for many, they have no choice. Many of the larger national ADI training companies will try to get away with giving you as little time as possible at part 2, just to keep costs down and profits up

It is very common indeed to find that trainees have paid £2,800 for a course of training. At least £1,000 of this is the cost of the part 2 element, yet they only ever receive 7 or 8 hours of driver training

Think about that . . . even with 10 hours, you would still have paid £100 per hour for your part 2 training

We are firmly committed to thorough part 2 training, and that part 2 training should comprise a minimum of 20 hours

As a trainer, it is a joy to have a trainee start with us at part 2. We can effectively prepare them for the part 2 test, and at the same time set in place the foundations for the work to come at the next stage. With thorough, well structured course work at part 2, the Part 3 work becomes so much easier and much more enjoyable