ADI Part 2 Recovery Course

Part 2 Recovery Course

Our recovery courses are professionally designed and structured to help you develop the full range of driving skills you need to succeed . . .

The ADIT one or two day Part 2 recovery courses will cover all the skills you need to pass Part 2

Each of the manoeuvres will be explained and practiced in great detail, and your general style of driving will be improved and enhanced . . . you’ll have all you need to produce a skillful and professional drive . . . and more than this, you’ll have a superb foundation on which to build your Part 3 training

Your ADIT course will develop the techniques you need . . . and give you more. Much more! You’ll also discover practical, no nonsense advice you’ll find invaluable when you start your Part 3 training. Remember . . .

Our success is your success

” . . . first of all the part two training was absolutely superb so I would like to thank Sharron Hartley for her patience and extreme professionalism . . . I finally took my first attempt at the part 2 test and passed yesterday with a clean sheet . . . ”
Paul Deighton, Leeds

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You have a range of highly effective, specialised Part 2 Recovery Courses to choose from . . .

Courses are carefully structured as a 1 or 2 day format. When you call, we’ll give you all the advice you need to decide which course to choose

You should be aware that these courses are highly intensive in nature . . . You’ll work hard but the results will be worth it

We have Trained many people who had experienced training elsewhere before coming to us for help. It’s very common indeed for those trainees to be delighted at the way our training is delivered

Your trainer has spent many hours with senior DVSA examiners from all over the UK, discussing all aspects of the part 2 test. Your trainer has sat in on part 2 tests and understands the examiners requirements . . . more importantly, your trainer is fully qualified in giving you the training you need for success

You can achieve a remarkably high standard when your training is personally structured. You can have the complete attention of your trainer when you discover the benefits of ADIT training

We work with you, to remove any barriers to your learning and development. Because our training is structured towards your success, you get a level of attention you’ll find hard to beat